Just For Fun!

Just for funCan't tell you what you'll find here - it'll be a bit of this, a bit of that, and not necessarily anything at all to do with line dancing. Just whatever takes our fancy that we think you'll enjoy as well. We may also add stuff here that we consider to be useful and/or informative.

We'll aim to add new content regularly, so keep checking back to see what's changed. And please let us know what you think - contact us.

57 Reasons living in Yorkshire ruins you for life There's nowt like it!
57 Reasons living in Yorkshire ruins you for life
The Beast Chris said: "Line dancing as I love it!"
Deborah said: "Not a patch on how we used to do it" (tongue in cheek, I suspect)
Remember Son (Tom Rush) A song for people of a certain age .... ?
(Tom Rush - Remember Song)
Cowboys on Ice When you're ready, we'll have a go on the ice - just like these cowboys ...
four-legged dance routine If you're finding it tricky with just TWO legs, imagine the problems you'd have with FOUR!
Flame Painter Flame Painter is a unique online paint program / drawing tool where you can experiment with different brush settings and create your own beautiful paintings
BallDroppings Ball Droppings is a cool JavaScript experiment that lets you create music in a quite unusual and tricky way: just draw lines with your mouse to bounce the balls that fall from the hole.
(Sorry - doesn't work in Internet Explorer)