Choreographed by Jo Kinser & John Kinser And Rob Fowler (March 2015)

Description: 32 count, 4 wall, improver line dance
Music: Stomp by Jared Blake

Intro: (start on word Stomp)

S1: Stomp fwd, Recover, Switch steps, Stomp fwd, Side, Sailor Step
1-2 Stomp fwd right, Recover back on left
&3&4 Step right next to left, touch left heel fwd, Step left next to right ,Touch right heel fwd
&5-6 Step right Next to left, Stomp Left Fwd, Step right to right side
7&8 Left sailor step LRL

S2: & Stomp, Touch, Rolling Turn, Left Sailor ¼ Turn & Step
&1-2 Step right next to left, Stomp left to left side, Touch right next to left
3-5 Make ¼ turn right step on right, Make ½ turn right step back left, Make ¼ turn right Stomp right to right side
6&7 Left Sailor step with ¼ turn left LRL
&8 Step right next to left, step fwd left

S3: Dorothy step right, toe , heel, touch, Dorothy step, Toe, Heel , touch
1-2& Step right diagonally fwd right, lock left behind, step right diagonally fwd right
3&4 Touch left tor next to right, touch left heel next to right, touch left toe behind right
5 - 8 Repeat 1 – 4 on opposite foot

S4: Step Back Diagonally Right, Step Left Next To Right, Twist Heels Right, Centre, Right, Centre, Repeat
1-2 Step Back diagonally right, step left next to right
&3&4 Twist heels right, Centre, Twist heels right, Centre
5-8 Repeat 1 -4 on opposite foot