Radio Romp

Choreographed by Elisa "Lasso" Portelli

Description: 32 count, 4 wall, beginner/intermediate line dance
Music: On My Radio by The Woolpackers

Start dancing on lyrics

1-2 Kick right forward, kick right to side
3&4 Right coaster step
5-6 Kick left forward, kick left to side
7&8 Left coaster step

9&10 Shuffle right right, left, right turning ¼
11-12 Step left pivot ½, weight back onto right
13&14 Chassé forward left, right, left
15-16 Step right pivot ¾, weight back onto left

17-20 Heels, right, left, right 45 with right brush up
21-24 Heels, left, right, left 45 with left brush up

25-28 Vine left turning ¼ left, right next to left
29-32 Twist right, heels, toes, heels straight, clap & clap