Choreographed by Ian St. Leon

Description: 32 count, 4 wall, line dance
Music: Jambalaya by Led Loader & The Barrels
           Start The Car by Travis Tritt [114 bpm]
           Felt Good On My Lips by Tim McGraw
           Firecracker by Josh Turner

Start dancing on lyrics

1-2 Cross right over, rock left back
3-4 Chassé side right-left-right
5-6 Cross left over, rock right back
7-8 Chassé side left-right-left

9-10 Turn ½ left and shuffle right-left, step right side
11-12 Rock left back, recover to right
13-14 Chassé side left-right-left
15-16 Cross right behind turning ¼ turn right, step left across right turning ¼ turn right

17-18 Kick right forward twice at 45 degrees right (body should also face 45 degrees right)
19&20 Cross right behind, step left side, cross right over
21-22 Kick left forward twice at 45 degrees left (body should also face 45 degrees left)
23&24 Cross left behind, step right side, cross left over

25-26 Turn ¼ right and shuffle forward right-left-right
27-28 Step left forward, turn ½ right (weight to right)
29-30 Chassé forward left-right-left
31-32 Moving forward spin full turn left stepping right-left