Imagine That (N.T.N.R.)

Choreographed by Brian, Linda & Jodie (UK).Western Lines – February 2018

Description: 64 count, 2 wall, Improver line dance
Music: Imagine That by Don Williams

Start on vocals, 28 count intro.

Right Rock Recover Cross, Left Rock Recover Cross, with Holds
1-4 Rock Right side, recover on Left, cross Right over Left, Hold.
5-8 Rock Left side, recover on Right, cross Left over Right, Hold.

Right Lock Back, Left Rumba forward, with Holds.
9-12 Step Right back, lock Left in front of Right, step back on Right, Hold…. (to diagonal, 4 o/clock)
13-16 Step Left to Left side, step Right next to Left, step forward on Left, Hold.

Right lock Forward, Left Rumba back, with Holds.
17-20 Step Right forward, lock Left behind Right, step forward on Right, Hold..(to diagonal, 2 o/clock)
21-24 Step Left to Left side, step Right next to Left, step back on Left, Hold.

Vaudevilles Right and Left.
25-28 Step Right to Right side, cross Left over Right, step Right to Right side, tap Left heel to Left side slightly forward.
29-32 Step Left to Left side, cross Right over Left, step Left to Left side, tap Right heel to Right side slightly forward

Sweep, Step, Sweep, Step, Back Together, Walk, Walk.
33-34 Sweep Right foot from front to back, step down on Right foot.
35-36 Sweep Left foot from front to back, step down on Left foot.
37-40 Step back on Right foot, step Left next to Right, walk forward on Right, walk forward on Left.

Right Rocking chair, Step forward, Hold, Half turn, hold.
41-44 Rock forward on Right, rock back on Left, rock back on Right, rock forward on Left.
45-48 Step forward on Right foot, Hold, Half turn Left on ball of feet, (weight on Left foot), Hold.

Right and Left Grapevines with touches.
49-52 Step Right to right side, Step Left behind Right, Step Right to Right side, Touch Left next to Right.
53-56 Step Left to left side, Step Right behind Left, Step Left to Left side, Touch Right next to Left.

Right and Left Mambo with Holds..
57-60 Rock forward on Right, recover weigh on Left, Step back Right, Hold.
61-64 Rock back on Left, recover weigh on Right, Step forward on Left, Hold.

Start again.

This dance has been choreographed with No Tags No Restarts..(N.T.N.R.)…so just enjoy!