Choreographed by Rob Fowler

Description: 8 count, 4 wall, intermediate line dance
Music: Footloose by Blake Shelton

S1: Grapevine right, ½ turn, Heel swivels
1,2 Step right to right side, step left behind right
3,4 ¼ turn to right stepping onto right, brush left forward
5,6 ¼ turn right, both feet together twisting heels left, twist toes to the left
7,8 Twist heels to the left, kick right foot diagonally forward to right

S2: Rock Step, Weave, Touch ¼ turn
1,2 Rock back onto right, recover
3,4 Step right to right side, left behind
5,6 Step right to right side, cross left over right
7,8 Right touch to the right side, ¼ turn right stepping right foot next to left

S3: Kick, Jazz box, Knee bends
1,2 Kick left foot diagonally left, cross left over right
3,4 Step back onto right foot, step left to left side
5,6 Bend right knee inward, hold
7,8 Bend left knee inward, hold

S4: Kick ball change, Toe strut, Knee rolls, Kick
1&2 Right kick ball change
3,4 Right toe strut
5,6 Step forward left foot rolling left knee anti clockwise, small step forward right rolling right knee clockwise
7,8 Small step forward left rolling knee anti clockwise, kick forward right

S5: Diagonal steps back with claps
1,2 Step back right diagonal , touch left together clap
3,4 Step back left diagonal, touch right together clap
5,6 Step back right diagonal, touch left together clap
7,8 Step back left diagonal, touch right together clap

S6: Rolling turn right, Shuffle, Rock step
1,2 Step right foot forward making ¼ turn right, ½ turn right stepping back on left
3,4 ¼ turn right stepping right to right side, touch left foot next to right
5&6 Chasse to left side
7,8 Rock back right, recover onto left

End of Dance

Tag 1: wall 4 – After Section 3 :
1-4 Bend right knee inward, bend left knee inward, bend right knee, hold,
Restart (1)

Restart (2) After Section 5 wall 6

Tag 2: wall 8 – After count 40:
1,2,3,4 x2 hip bumps right, x2 hip bumps left,
Restart (3)

Tag 3: End of wall 9:
1-12 point right toe to right side, step right foot next to left ¼ turning right, touch left to left side, step left next to right, step diagonally forward right, step diagonally forward left, right hand onto right hip, left hand onto left hip, jump forward x2, Clap, Hold.