Our supported charity (2018 onwards)

You will all know someone who is, or has been, suffering domestic violence. But you won't know it!
It is a vile, silent, hidden crime that victims can't tell you about. It can be physical, sexual and emotional, with the victim living in constant fear of what will be to come.

Refuge is a charity that helps women and children to get away and offers help afterwards in whatever way they need, and is our chosen charity this year.

If you want to know more (or need help yourself) visit https://www.refuge.org.uk/ or ring 0808 2000 247.

We are collecting loose change at every class, selling second hand books, holding a raffle at our monthly social evenings, and more. All donations of books and raffle prizes are gratefully received.

We are also asking you to donate your old mobile phones and chargers, and even old computers, tablets, ipods, etc. We can send them away to an organisation who will pay us money for them to add to our collection. They don't need to be working. They will be audited, tested and erased securely. Dig them out from the bottom of the drawer and bring them to me.

Thanks, Christine x